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Safety Tips on the Wharf

Scanning of luggage is vital and we urge the public to comply with this process as it will reduce any risks associated with any threat to other ferry users.

Safety tips on the Wharf

All ferries are covered by 24-hour recorded video and are equipped with an Emergency Help Point and lifebuoys.

It is a good idea to be familiar with the layout of your wharf. Note the entry gates, walkways and ramps, as well as the location of the Help Point and life saving devices.

While waiting for a ferry on the wharf:

  • don’t rush – be on the wharf ready to board at least five minutes before departure. Gates to the Manly ferry service close two minutes before the scheduled departure. This is to ensure on-time departures.
  • remain behind any yellow and black striped areas on the wharf
  • riding bikes, skateboards or rollerblades on the wharf is prohibited
  • don’t climb on or over railings or the wharf structure
  • don’t move or play with gangways
  • keep a firm hold of your pram and put on the brakes
  • alert trained security personnel to danger using the Emergency Help Point on unstaffed wharves. It connects you with trained security personnel via CCTV.
  • if you see someone in the water requiring assistance immediately alert the security patrons.

Taking the ferry at night

If you are crossing the channel at night, stay in well-lit areas in sight of incoming vessels and in the vicinity of the Help Point, PA speakers and CCTV cameras.

Safe boarding and disembarking

While moving between the wharf and the ferry:

  • stand back and allow passengers to get off before you board. The deckhand holding the gangway will let you know when it is safe to board.
  • wait to get off the ferry beyond the rails area – this allows the deckhand to safely secure the vessel and position the gangway. 
  • hold onto the handrail and watch your footing as you walk over the gangway. Ensure your bags are secure.>
  • don’t board or disembark while on your mobile phone
  • supervise young children – hold their hand or guide them to use the ferry.
  • prams wider than 74cm will not fit on gangways and must to be collapsed before boarding
  • allow passengers who are elderly, travelling with carers, mobility aids, or assistance animals to board in front of you and give them space and time to board and disembark safely and comfortably.


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