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Safety Procedures

As safety is a key consideration at KFS, we keep on improving the safety measures and public training on the same, we shall regularly update our safety procedures to both staff and public.

  • Ferries are equipped with fire fighting equipments such as fixed CO2 systems for engine fires and portable fire extinguishers for different types of fires.
    Operation of five (5) lager capacity flat-bottomed ferries that guarantees stability. Major improvements to controls and safety have been put in place at Likoni;
  • They include;
    1). Improved passenger staircases towards the P.S.V terminus.
    2).Improved passenger waiting bay at the mainland infrastructure.
    3).Persons with Disabilities lane at the mainland.
    4).Improved passenger walking bay at the island with a measured loading control space.
    5).Full time police presence at the mainland police booth and island side roundabout.
    6).Full time presence of private guards on boards operating vessels and a passenger waiting bays to ensure controls are adhered to.

Safety and Assistance contacts.

  • Operations Manager, 0722 412546
    Operations Superintendent, 0733 779017
    Coxswains/master coxswain Safety Superintendent, 0733 769005
    Safety Assistant, 0726 899755
    Operations Supervisors, 0735 788730
    Deckhands/Ramp Controllers/Guides Assistant Security Officer, 0773055747

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