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Cruise Hire

Special arrangements can be made to ensure you enjoy your Indian ocean cruise through our ferry hires, this is done in accordance with the set hiring procedures.

A brilliant experience”

Just some of the things you can experience when hiring the ferry  :

  •          Relax, no really you will, it’s quite an experience a day or evening on the water!
  •          The kids will be in awe of the view and surroundings.
  •          Make your way into estuaries that time has forgotten.
  •          You can sunbath on the ferry decks.
  •          Capture amazing photographs your friends will be envious of.
  •          View shipping of all nationalities in one of the largest and most picturesque harbours in the world.
  •          Land at English point for a meal or light refreshment.
  •          Explore the natural creeks and see the marine life.
  •          See the laid-up shipping (20,000 tonners).
  •          Take your own picnic (or have us prepare one for you).

No experience needed, full instruction given, and it’s simple, safe family fun!

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Kenya Ferry Services

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