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Anti Corruption Policy

The company adopts a zero tolerance stance towards corruption. In this respect an Integrity Assurance Committee is in place to handle corruption related issues.

The committee has the following officers as its members :-
1. Managing Director - Chairman
2. Operations Manager - Member
3. Chief Engineer - Member
4. Human Resource & Adm. Manager - Member
5. Financial Manager - Member
6. Integrity Assurance Officer - Secretary
Measures have been put in place to ensure total war against corruption These include amongst other matters Staff sensitisation through an Anti-Corruption policy develoed and passed to all employees, public awreness , and are strengthened by messages on posters in all ferry vessels and offices and anti-corrution suggestion boxes.
All correspondences received are recorded in a register and acknowledged in writing where contacts are available. Correspondence can also be emailed to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
An Integrity Assurance Officer ensures liaison between the corporation and the Government and other stake holders.

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