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It is always a big opportunity to work with Kenya Ferry Service limited as we are very concerned about the welfare of our staff. We offer various incentives from low rate sacco loans to competitive salary package that matches the industry. Apply for available openings now!!!


 Career opportunities



Position: Finance Manager- Ref: FM/11/2016

Position: Principal Engineer- Ref: PE/11/2016

Position: Principal Procurement Offi cer- Ref: PPO/11/2016

Position: Senior Procurement Offi cer- Ref: SPO/11/2016

Position: Senior Internal Auditor – Ref: SIO/11/2016

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Kenya Ferry Services

Kenya Ferry Services

@a_aeleus Asante noted.
@YMHamza We by next week.
Evening peak; 4 ferries in operation at the Likoni channel. 1 ferry at the Mtongwe channel. We wish you a safe cros… https://t.co/mVG5cASv1Q

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